Hello, I’m
Douglas C. Hall

MD, OB/GYN, and
Medicine Specialist

Hello, I’m
Douglas C. Hall

MD, OB/GYN, and
Medicine Specialist

Who Am I?

I’ve led a blessed life that centers around my medical practice and my family. I’m happily married to my beautiful wife, Sarah Ray, a father to five amazing children and a grandfather to nine wonderful grandchildren.

From Me, To You

Did you know that the cure for treating and preventing Type-2 Diabetes was published in August 1916?

Why was the treatment ignored for all these years? Could it be that there is no cost for the treatment, in fact it will save you money! Imagine the billions of dollars that have been spent on drugs for treating Type-2 Diabetes! The billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies have profited for treating symptoms and not providing a single cure! Now, if your physician provides you with this cure, it will decrease your return visits.

It is well established that the leading cause of Type-2 Diabetes is insulin resistance (excess insulin)!  Are you aware that the common link between cancer, heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s is insulin resistance and not sugar (glucose)?

Look below at the brief abstract below about insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Is it possible that this “cure” will decrease cardiovascular disease?

 “Association between insulin resistance and the development of cardiovascular disease”

Cardiovascular Diabetology volume 17, Article number: 122 (2018)

“For many years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been the leading cause of death around the world. Often associated with CVD are comorbidities such as obesity, abnormal lipid profiles, and insulin resistance. Insulin is a key hormone that functions as a regulator of cellular metabolism in many tissues in the human body. Insulin resistance is defined as a decrease in a tissue response to insulin stimulation thus insulin resistance is characterized by defects in uptake and oxidation of glucose, a decrease in glycogen synthesis, and, to a lesser extent, the ability to suppress lipid oxidation. Literature widely suggests that free-fatty acids are the predominant substrate used in the adult myocardium for ATP production; however, the cardiac metabolic network is highly flexible and can use other substrates, such as glucose, lactate or amino acids. During insulin resistance, several metabolic alterations induce the development of cardiovascular disease.”

Thomas Dayspring, M.D. is a well-know expert in lipid metabolism and he said,

“The majority of heart attacks are due to insulin resistance!” But how do you know if you have insulin resistance if you are never tested? Very few cardiologists measure a fasting insulin level.

Has your healthcare provider ever measured your fasting insulin level (not fasting glucose or your Hgb A1c, but fasting insulin). If the answer is no, ask for it! Normal value is less than 4.5 (not what is “in the range for a given lab)!

Here is the cure, are you ready?

Watch the above video then call me at 352-629-7955. Let me help you develop a program for you or members of your family!

Remember, excess insulin cause belly fat!

Douglas C. Hall, M.D.

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Published Author

I’m a published author, I’ve appeared as a guest on numerous television shows, and I’ve had the privilege to lecture nationwide.

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I trained in functional medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine in Gig Harbor, Washington.

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I’ve lectured on thyroid, insulin, neurotransmitters, cortisol, hormone, cholesterol, gastrointestinal, MTHFR mutations, homocysteine, and fatty acid metabolism.

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