debbie scott nurse

I am a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in family practice medicine and a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine. As a Nurse Practitioner, I view the patient-provider dynamic as a partnership for health and wellness, and I use my combined knowledge of traditional and functional metabolic medicine principals to achieve the best outcomes for each patient. While it is important to address symptoms, I also look to fix the root cause behind them. In this way, I enjoy helping patients become the best possible version of themselves with an active vibrant lifestyle, no matter what their age.

I start each new patient relationship by obtaining a thorough history, appropriate testing, and a proper physical exam to determine the root cause of the symptoms the patient is experiencing. I then create a personalized treatment plan to help the patient achieve long lasting improvement, and in some cases complete resolution of their complaints. By getting to the root causes of the symptoms and optimizing the body’s normal function, many common health conditions such as hypertension, type two diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, fatigue, depression, menopause and a variety of autoimmune diseases are improved or even resolved. Seeing patients come bounding back into the office energetic and smiling with renewed mental clarity and vitality is so rewarding!

I received my BSN and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Degree in1980 from the University of Arkansas. Since then, I have worked in a variety of clinical roles, including family practice, intensive care, emergency medicine, labor and delivery, and aesthetic medicine. In 2012, I attended my first American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference, and have been incorporating this more holistic approach to patient care in my practice ever since. Because of my strong belief in the value of this approach, I have since become a Health Practitioner Diplomat for the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, and recently completed my Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine.

The changes I have witnessed in medicine and my studies in integrative and metabolic medicine have compounded my passion for my patients and the positive changes I can bring to their lives. I would be honored to see what changes we can make for you.