Stop Degeneration With Regenerative Medicine Therapy!

We are born with a given amount of stem cells as the graph indicates: (1 in 10,000 cells)

As we go through our lives, we sustain or experience illness and injuries requiring tissue repair carried out by the stem cells. You can think of this given amount as the balance in your stem cell bank account, and each injury or illness is a withdrawal from your stem cell account. The only way you can replenish your stem cell bank account is by tissue transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells using regenerative therapy. Otherwise, you are not able to make a deposit in your stem cell account—Only withdrawals with each injury your organ systems are exposed to (exogenous or endogenous).

This damage can occur to tissues in many ways:

The above list provides only a short sample of the type of damage that must be repaired by your limited bank account of stem cells. Stem cells can be transplanted into the tissue in which the degeneration is occurring. For example, if your face is aging prematurely, stem cells can be transplanted into that tissue to restore it to more optimal function and youthful appearance.

For more information about the variety of methods for regenerative therapies and the services my office provides, please visit our Regenerative Therapy Services page.

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